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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Seduction & Timing

Today we will be talking about timing when you try to seduce women.
What do I mean by timing ? I mean acting at the right time !

If it's cold, caress her to warm her. If she's looking at you with a smile, smile too. If you think you should act, act !

People will ask me how to seduce a woman, but some of them already know how ! They just don't act when it's time !

You're going out with a girl and trying your best to seduce her. You're being a perfect gentleman, she's having a lot of fun with you and you're also confident that she finds you attractive. Everything is perfect, but at the end of the date you say "Goodbye" and leave.


If you knew her for a little while and been seductive and charming, she probably started to think about an eventual end of the date kiss right when you asked her out !

You were seducing her, but chose to stop before the finish line. My example was at the kiss, but some people may stop when it's time to hug her or when it's time for more. ;)

If you're confident that the girl would like a hug, a kiss, or more, don't stop ! Girls won't ask you to hug them, kiss them or whatever even if they want you to. So don't be shy ! When the time is right, act !

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